Grason Ratowsky, the Art of Expression

Grason Ratowsky, the art of expression

Abstract expressionism and surrealism have found a new synthesis in emerging American artist Grason Ratowsky. In fact, Ratowsky’s work blends elements of abstraction, spontaneity, and dreamlike imagery, diving into its subconscious to create a unique artistic language. Here at Parmesse, we’ve had the pleasure of asking him a few questions to delve deeper into his beginnings, influences, and artistry.

Grason Ratowsky, the art of expression

The beginnings Grason Ratowsky

What was your first art project, and how do you reflect on it today?

“I’ve had countless projects as I’ve always been a self starter and have lived many places, but an early art project that comes to mind is a small boutique/gallery in Brooklyn, NY I had about 17 years ago before the large galleries moved over there, where we collaborated with young local artists in the scene at the time. It felt gritty, raw, natural and organic. A lot of late nights, loud music and art of every kind, everywhere. They were fun times”.

What inspired you to become an artist?

“Technically I am a self taught artist, although I’d like to think each of our experiences and history shape our paths, the cliché school of life if you will… I’ve always been creative and have lived my entire life completely entrenched within the arts. My mother was an actress and my father is a painter so my family traveled around the world always surrounded by the arts.

I’ve also played a part in almost every facet of the design world from fashion to furniture to designing visual identities for major international brands. That history and the technical aspects of design that I learned such as composition and color psychology of course poured over to also play a big part into my style of fine art. At the heart of everything I’ve ever done art is involved. Art and life is one entity for me”.

Grason Ratowsky, the art of expression
Grason Ratowsky, the art of expression

The concept of Art

What is Art for you?

“Everything I do has art intrinsically involved. Art is life for me and vice versa as I can’t seem to differentiate between the two. The two conditions/entities are one and the same. Art is my communication, my therapy, my love, my passion, my fears and what I see in everything around me both good and bad. I believe family, art, community, nature etc.. are all interconnected, all intertwined. It all flows together. I believe perhaps, that to be the definition of the artist spirit – The ability to see art in every aspect of one’s life”.

Do you have a favorite artistic movement or style? If so, which one?

“I have great respect for, and find deep value in many artistic movements and I also love when different movements bleed into one another creating something new and unique. Of course, as you can see in my work, I am particularly partial to the Expressionist movements, especially the American expressionists.

For me one of the most beautiful elements of expressionism is the work often has a feeling of being alive. The work seems to breathe, grow and develop over time. You can always see something new. Works are often subjective and particular to the viewers perspective whereas nothing is overly obvious or direct to concept. For me this keeps the art very exciting, pure and timeless”.

Grason Ratowsky, the art of expression

What projects are you currently working on?

“Well I’m building a house and new studio right now, by hand, so that’s been quite a labor and time intensive project. I’m very excited about it, I’ve designed it all and by building it myself I am able to really incorporate all the character and feel that I want into the space. Aside from that huge undertaking, I have some very exciting collaborations coming up with some big brands and also some new galleries lined up so it should make for an exciting and busy few years ahead”.

Lastly, do you have any advice for those aspiring to pursue a career in the arts?

“Stay humble & stay hungry. Try not to succumb to the enveloping business of art. Make art for the sake of making art – whatever that means to you”.

Credits:  Courtesy of Grason Ratowsky

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